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We are CKCP.

Feelin’ 2022

CKCP is back in action! This season, our focus is on Rivers and Resilience. Each of our projects will explore one of these two themes, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Our Mission

is to inspire environmental action through dance.


CKCP is a versatile, multi-media team of artists united by our shared passion for the environment. With collaboration as our highest priority, each member has a unique impact on the company and our projects while sharing in our collective creative spirit.

Upcoming Projects

2023 Projects

Coming Soon!

Want to see us in action? Stay up to date by checking back here or keeping up with us on Instagram and Facebook!

Support Our Work

There is so much that goes into creating and producing one of our Projects. Every contribution matters and with your help we can really make something powerful. Please consider buying our merch from our Bonfire Store or making a tax deductible donation through fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas!


While our mission is to inspire environmental action, we also believe in taking action as a company. We are proud to be a part of an environmental movement that is intersectional, just, and built on principles of reciprocity. This means giving back to the environment, and the community.


Volunteering with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers on ecological restoration projects in the Colorado Front Range.


50% of proceeds from Climate Classes donated to non-profits that are working on Environmental Justice and Inclusion.


All projects are evaluated to ensure that we are working to reduce emissions and eliminate environmental and social harm.

Lets Get to Know Each Other

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Photography by Machmer Media

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