Claire Kendall Creative Projects

We are CKCP.

Vision 2021

To sustainably create and produce entertaining performances that help our community connect to the natural world.

Our Mission

is to inspire environmental action through dance.


CKCP is a versatile, multi-media team of artists united by our shared passion for the environment. With collaboration as our highest priority, each member has a unique impact on the company and our projects while sharing in our collective creative spirit.

Upcoming Events and Performances


September 18th

4 – 9 PM

MetaCarbon Organic Farm 4640 Hygiene Rd. Longmont, CO 80503

An evening of celebrating sustainable agriculture, and local artists. You know the painting, American Gothic, with the two farmers? Yeah, kind of like that but more fun and more environmentally friendly.

The evening will include:

Tour of the farm w/ Metacarbon Organic Farm

Farm-to-Table Dinner w/ Chef Aaron Lande

Contemporary Dance Show w/ Claire Kendall Creative Projects

Live Music w/ Kingdom Jasmine

DJ Set w/ Queen of Air and Dance Party!


Want to see us in action? Stay up to date by checking back here or keeping up with us on Instagram and Facebook!


There is so much that goes into creating and producing one of our Projects. Every contribution matters and with your help we can really make something powerful. Please consider buying a shirt from our Bonfire Store or making a Tax Deductible donation through fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas!

What makes us a sustainable dance company?

We believe that sustainability in the arts is extremely important but often gets overlooked. So we are always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint and set an example. We hope that we can inspire other arts organizations to do the same!

Reducing Paper

All CKCP, we do everything we can to be paperless. Correspondence and financial transactions are done electronically, and almost all of our advertising is done through social media. When we do use paper, we only use materials that are 100% recycled.

Sustainable Performances

When we make an artistic choice to use a prop, travel to perform, or decide on a costume, we take the time to explore our options and find the most sustainable choice. We don’t believe in excess, and sometimes minimal also lends more focus on the art itself. And like our buckets for project finite–everything can be repurposed (they make great pots for plants).

Zero Waste Events

At CKCP performances and events, we promise to say no to single use plastics or disposable items, no to food waste, and yes to reusable cups. We are even ditching the single use programs and pamphlets.

Lets Get to Know Each Other

Contact us!

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