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Meet the wonderful artists and people who bring our projects to fruition.

Claire Kendall

Artistic Director / Choreographer

Claire is a Colorado based dancer, choreographer, hiker, snowboarder, teacher, and environmental artist. She began her dance training in her hometown of Santa Fe, NM at the School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. She attended high school at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as a Ballet Concentration and went on to receive her BFA in Dance Performance with a Biology Minor from SUNY Purchase College in January 2018. While at Purchase, she was selected to study abroad in Fall of 2016 at Korea National University of Art in Seoul, South Korea, where she focused on Choreography and Dance Performance. As a professional dancer, she has worked with the Merce Cunningham Trust, Meow Wolf, Cindy Brandle Dance Company, Nosilla Dance Project, Symbiosis Arts, T2 Dance Company, and Hannah Kahn Dance Company. She currently teaches Ballet and Modern dance to the students of En Face Studios and Premier School of Dance. 

Since her choreographic debut in 2015, Claire has premiered numerous works in New York City, Seoul, and Boulder. In 2016, Claire was introduced to the world of Environmental Art while enrolled in the The Institute for Visual Environmental Communication: Merging Art, GIS, and Climate Science in the Colorado Rockies course at Colorado College. Three years later, after creating multiple Environmental Art projects with a variety of collaborators, she established Claire Kendall Creative Projects as a platform for her to continue exploring how she can combine her passions for dance and for nature. 

This fall, Claire will begin furthering her environmental education at University of Colorado, Boulder in the Masters of the Environment program.

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Anhthi “Maria” Lindsey

Collaborator / Dancer

Anhthi “Maria” Lindsey dances for Hannah Kahn Dance Company and teaches at La Roche Academy of Dance (Castle Rock, CO).  

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Dillon Hinchliffe

Collaborator / Videographer

Dillon Hinchliffe has relocated from New York to Colorado, and most recently to Japan to make films for businesses and creatives. He also loves learning Japanese, playing guitar, and running up hills (now mountains).

Check him out on Vimeo and Instagram

Haley Andrews

Collaborator / Dancer

Haley with her adorable pupper, Lola! Haley also dances for T2 Dance Company, teaches at Denver Dance Authority, and is director of Andrews Movement Project.

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Jamie Schuler

Collaborator / Dancer / Website

Jamie dances with 3rd Law Dance/Theater, teaches modern and ballet styles at Colorado Conservatory of Dance, fits pointe shoes at Boulder Body Wear, and is a certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor. She has also helped design this website!

Check out her Website and Instagram

Jared Silbernagel

Collaborator / Musician

Jared wears a lot of hats, both figuratively and literally. He is a musician and a machinist, making miscellaneous metal parts by day and playing the French Horn at night. However, you may have also seen him also as dancer in Project Finite!

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Katie Wiegman

Collaborator / Dancer

Katie is a Dancer, Pilates instructor, and weiner dog mom. She has danced for Cleo Parker Robinson, Nosilla Dance Project, and RLM dance company since moving to Colorado and performs her own choreography all around Denver. She loves to read, paint, and make puppets out of inanimate objects.

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Lexi Evans

Dance Photographer

Lexi grew up dancing at Pittsburgh Youth Ballet and finished her training at the School of Oregon Ballet Theater. She went on to dance professionally for the Israel Ballet, Sarasota Ballet, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, and Boulder Ballet. She truly understands the power of a photographer to highlight a dancer’s best qualities or their worst, so she made it her mission to make every dancer she photographs look and feel their best! Her childhood ballet classmate, Katie Ging, trained her in photography in 2016 and continues to be her mentor.

See her photos on Instagram

Molly Silbernagel

Collaborator / Graphic Design

Molly is a digital marketing professional with a fine arts background. When she’s not at work, Molly is an amateur Muay Thai fighter and owns a bookbinding business called LeMieux Books.

Patrick Blaisure

Collaborator / Dancer

Aside from working with CKCP, Patrick also dances for 3rd Law Dance Theater, Colorado Conservatory of Dance and teaches Gyrtonic at Gyrotonic Bodhi as an apprentice instructor.

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Saul Cosme

Collaborator / Musician

Bio Coming Soon!

Veronica Goldberg

Collaborator / Dancer

Besides dancing in CKCP, Veronica dances with Hannah Kahn Dance Company and T2 Dance Company. Her second passion and profession is working with kids with special needs.

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Victoria Stone

Collaborator / Dancer

[On the Left] Growing up in the foothills of Colorado, Victoria followed her aspiration of dance and earned her BFA from Colorado Mesa University. Before graduating, she had the pleasure of working with choreographers such as Ann Sanders, Melonie Buchanan Murray, Megan Glynn Zollinger and many more. She currently works numerous jobs as well as dances for Evolving Doors Dance and other project driven collectives. Victoria’s passion of studio art along with studying American Sign Language fuels her motto of ‘never stop learning’. She believes art can lead you on a journey of happiness, connectivity and community, so ‘won’t you be my neighbor’?

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