This is what it’s all about. Here is an inventory of all of our creative projects. Check back to find out about upcoming performances, what we are working on, etc.

National Water Dance 2020

National Water Dance is an annual movement choir that promotes awareness of water distance. This year, because of COVID-19, we had to get creative in order to find a way to participate. So we performed a series of site specific solos at Eldorado State Park by the CKCP Dancers, all 6 feet or more apart, to music by local boulder artist, Kingdom Jasmine. We Livestreamed the performance on our Instagram and Facebook accounts and you can watch the piece on IGTV! Huge thanks to our volunteers, Rachel and Elias, and our photographer Lexi!

Six Pack – Coming Soon

Currently scheduled to premiere at Presenting Denver 2021. Check back soon!

Project Finite

Project Finite is an environmental dance film seeking to inspire water conservation in Colorado. Learn more at

Let’s build something together.

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